Transcendence on Two Wheels

Ride a beautiful chrome chariot as you tour the spectacular byways of the American West. Then, an uncompromising symphony of luxury amenities and culinary delights completes each day’s glorious ride.

A journey like this has the power to inspire, to renew, to transform. This is transcendence on two wheels—your ultimate ticket to some much deserved freedom.

Chrome Thunder VIP Motorcycle Tours

Chrome Thunder is the U.S.A.’s premier motorcycle tour operator. On our journeys, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience, riding the legendary roads of the American West on your choice of late model motorcycles from Harley-Davidson and other leading manufacturers. We guide you through the breathtaking scenery of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming and many other beautiful places. We then elevate that experience with luxury amenities, including legendary hotels, exclusive resorts, helicopter tours, rafting trips and more. Nearly everything is included in the price of your motorcycle tour. All you have to do is saddle up and enjoy the ride. We are taking reservations for the 2016 season. Space is limited, so call us at 970-222-1241 to confirm the tour of your choice.

Harley-Davidson is the exclusive registered trademark of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.