About Chrome Thunder Luxury Guided Motorcycle Tours

Welcome to America’s only true VIP motorcycle touring experience. As a new adventure tourism model, Chrome Thunder provides uncompromising five-star motorcycle tours, outfitting riders with brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We guide you on spectacular routes through the most breathtaking places in the U.S.A., and then elevate that experience with luxury amenities, including five-star hotels, exclusive resorts, helicopter tours, rafting trips and more. The result is an unforgettable experience that only a premium motorcycle tour company can deliver.

Our Beginnings

It all began with riding the roads we love. A lot of them. Despite our decades living here in the American West, every day, every sunrise, every season, every scent of nature is a marvel to us.

Along the way we’d met dozens of fellow riders from across the U.S.A. and around the globe. We discovered that the love of riding transcends culture and language, and that the love of open landscapes never ceases to inspire the most seasoned traveler. We also learned of travelers’ uncertainties and disappointments about routes, attractions and accommodations resulting from their limited knowledge of our regions.  Chrome Thunder was born to address those concerns and maximize your touring enjoyment.

As longtime residents of Colorado, we’re moved by the impact the Rocky Mountains and the American West have on riders and share a unique bond with them as members of our family of riders who love the wide open West and the glorious, thundering rumble of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This vicarious joy of seeing people from other places enjoy our region inspired us to bring you an elite offering beyond comparison. We’ve spent years traveling thousands of miles, scouting the very best roads, finding the absolute finest properties and documenting the most astonishing landscapes. We decided to share our passion and insider’s knowledge … with you. We eliminate the guesswork and apprehension from your long-sought dream, your journey of a lifetime. Chrome Thunder’s goal is to be the best luxury motorcycle tour operator in the business … or not do it at all.

Harley-Davidson is the exclusive registered trademark of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Meet the Team

Philip C. Majerus, Rider - Founder

Passion: Founder and President Philip C. Majerus is a successful entrepreneur who fused his love of riding and longtime appreciation of the American West with his business acumen to create Chrome Thunder. As the passionate visionary of the company, Phil’s high standards and expectations of excellence shade every detail of the company’s operation. Consequently, he has designed the most exciting and exclusive luxury guided motorcycle tours in the U.S.A. for the true discriminating adventure-connoisseur. His goal is to fuse the majesty and mystery of the American West with the elegance of a concierge-level tour. His goal is a genuine VIP motorcycle touring experience.