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             Chrome Thunder, LLC (“Chrome Thunder”) offers a highly inclusive package.  We will make every necessary arrangement for the journey rider’s convenience and pleasure, including, for example, securing optional travel arrangements such as visas, airport/hotel transfers, motorcycle rentals/insurance emergency roadside services, daily fuel and cleaning, onboard beverages and snacks, en route photography sessions, select adventure activities, park entry fees and lodging/camping expenses.

            Upon arrival journey riders will receive custom expedition shirts, riding vest, detailed itinerary, maps, brochures and other related travel information.  Chrome Thunder will equip the journey rider requesting such service with a detailed map or GPS pre-programmed with routes and destination so that individuals or small teams can detach from the main group for short intervals.

            At the onset of each journey, we will host a welcome dinner reception the night before departure.  This will enable the riders to meet each other and their journey escorts as well as to brief the group on journey rules and regulations.  While en route, we will provide a group breakfast for all members.  This will be an opportunity to discuss the days ride, the attractions and group interests.

            For the spirit of allowing individual freedom and space, lunches and dinners will be up to each rider.  Chrome Thunder will provide a list and description of nearby restaurants.  Tour pricing includes the capacity for each journey escort to buy lunch or dinner for individuals and small groups on a random basis when appropriate.

            Journey escorts will assure that each journey rider’s motorcycle is clean and fueled at the beginning of each days ride.  Also, since each day makes stops at roadside views and rest areas, we will provide quality snacks and beverages.  These stops will also allow a chance to rest, take photos and learn of the local geology, culture and lore.  Journey escorts will be familiar with the unique landscapes and histories of the specific areas they travel.


             Chrome Thunder requires all journey riders to have a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license and, more importantly, satisfactory evidence that the rider accurately rides on a routine basis, can handle large touring motorcycles and has experience riding long distances.


             The services and other items included in the tour package include the following: Harley Davidson Motorcycles with a lessee insurance policy; accommodations, professional guides, food and beverages as described above, select spa and adventure activities, support vehicle.


             The services and items not included in the tour package: maintenance costs for guest owned motorcycles, insurance coverage other than the motorcycle lessee policy, airfare, and tips.  You are also responsible for some meals, recreation and entertainment not described in the journey itinerary.


             Every journey rider will receive an orientation to the motorcycle.  The journey rider orientation will cover aspects of safe motorcycle operation and the client’s maintenance responsibilities and local and state laws.


             Chrome Thunder recommends that each journey rider carry adequate travel, health and accident insurance as well as trip cancellation insurance.


            The journey rider is responsible for daily en route maintenance.  Check-ups for the motorcycle include but are not limited to checking engine oil levels at each refueling stop and reporting any mechanical failures immediately to a Chrome Thunder representative.  Journey riders shall be held responsible for any mechanical damage which is due to negligence or failure to provide normal maintenance.


          A nonrefundable deposit of US fifty percent (50%) of journey cots is required at the time of booking.  This nonrefundable deposit secures a motorcycle and hotel bookings.  The balance is due ninety (90) days before the tour starts.  If the total balance is not received 90 days before the tours start, Chrome Thunder reserves the right to cancel the reservation and the participant loses the deposit or transfers the deposit to a tour booking for an alternate Chrome Thunder Journey within one year.

             Cancellations received less than 60 days prior to the date of the tour start will be subject to loss of fifty percent (50%) of the tour fee.  Cancellations received less than thirty (30) days prior to tour departure will be subject to loss of the entire tour fee.  Lost tour fees due to cancellation can be transferred to a tour booking for the following year.  Should Chrome Thunder be able to fill the once-reserved position we will refund to you the amount paid by the replacement rider for that slot.

             Chrome Thunder is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour descriptions; however, due to situations beyond its control, such as road construction, hotel closures, weather or acts of God, Chrome Thunder reserves the right without prior notice to withdraw any part or all of the tour or to make such changes as may be necessary.


            In the event a journey rider does not comply with traffic laws of the state or jurisdiction to which the tour travels or is deemed a nuisance or hazard to the group, Chrome Thunder reserves the right to terminate this contract and remove the riders from the tour.  A journey rider is responsible for all traffic tickets received during the tour.  A service charge will apply for all unpaid tickets.  Journey riders agree to not cause any damage to natural surroundings or host facilities or to third parties through their actions while riding their motorcycles.  In the event a journey rider repeatedly ignores rules or causes others to feel threatened by their actions, Chrome Thunder reserves the right to terminate this contract and remove the participant from the tour.  Should a journey rider’s contract be terminated for any reason, the journey rider is solely responsible for all expenses and travel needs from that point to their final destination, including returning their leased motorcycle to the leasing agency no later than the date and time of expiration.  Should the rider fail to return the motorcycle per these conditions the rider becomes solely responsible for all charges incurred.  Upon termination, Chrome Thunder will not be responsible for a refund or reconciliation of any amount.

 A journey rider is also responsible for complying with passport and visa regulations and takes responsibility for consequences resulting from noncompliance.

             If for any reason, a journey rider is unable or unwilling to continue the journey they agree to withdraw all agreements with Chrome Thunder and waive all rights implied or written.  From that point forward the journey rider becomes fully responsibility for their welfare and accommodations.  Additionally, the withdrawn rider is then solely responsible for returning their leased motorcycle to the leasing agency no later than the lease expiration date and time.  Should the rider fail to return the motorcycle per these conditions the rider becomes solely responsible for all charges incurred.  Under certain circumstances, at its sole discretion, Chrome Thunder may assist with matters of withdrawal.  Upon withdrawal, Chrome Thunder will not be responsible for a refund or reconciliation of any amount.

              If a rider is temporarily unable to continue the journey, they agree to a temporary withdrawal per the above conditions until they are able to catch up with the Chrome Thunder journey, upon which time this agreement will renew.

                 Prices quoted by Chrome Thunder, its agents or publications are those in effect at the time of printing.  On rare occasions due to situations beyond its control, Chrome Thunder reserves the right to change tour prices any time prior to ninety (90) days before the tour departs.  Chrome Thunder also reserves the right to correct any printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time.

             Chrome Thunder attempts to schedule its tours at a time when the weather is pleasant for motorcycle touring.  However, journey riders must understand that certain tours may pass through areas where weather conditions change.  Accordingly, Chrome Thunder is not liable for unpleasant weather conditions.  No refunds will be made for such conditions.

             Chrome Thunder will provide some storage for client’s luggage and belongings; however, such storage shall be at the journey rider’s sole and absolute risk.

            The above terms and conditions of Chrome Thunder, LLC have been read by me I agree to comply with the same.


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Tour Participant Signature


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My payment and/or my signature on this form constitute my acceptance and understanding of the terms, conditions and information contained herein. I further understand and accept that the Chrome Thunder, LLC’s tours and its activities involve risk of personal injury, damage to or loss of property or death. In consideration of benefits to be derived from my participation in this tour I hereby accept all risks of personal injury, property damage or death arising from my participation in this tour, and I hereby agree that I, my dependents, heirs, executors and assigns do release and hold harmless Chrome Thunder, LLC and its owners, officers, directors, employees, and representatives from any and all claims, including claims of illness, bodily injury, property damage or death, however caused, arising from or related to this tour provided by Chrome Thunder, LLC. Further, by signing or acknowledging this form, I certify that I do not have any physical, mental or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for me or any other tour participant. I also certify that I am at least twenty-five (25) years of age and am in possession of a current valid motorcycle operator’s license. I understand that the choice of wearing a helmet or other protective gear is solely my own and that I am responsible for my compliance with all state laws, including those regarding use of helmets. In addition, I agree to practice safe motorcycling conduct and operation at all times and am solely responsible for any injury or damage to myself or others resulting from my actions. I acknowledge that I am practiced and capable of operating a heavy motorcycle for extended periods of time and in varying weather conditions. I understand that Chrome Thunder, LLC accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to my personal belongings including my owned or leased motorcycle. Further, I certify that I am not under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol, or other drug that may impair my understanding or judgment and that I will not at any time during the tour operate my motorcycle under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol or other drug. I also acknowledge that I am fully aware of the risk and dangers involved in outdoor activities like swimming, horseback riding, helicopter flights, white water rafting, marksmanship training, rock climbing or any other activity potentially suggested as a supplemental activity to the tour and accept full liability therefore. By signing below, I release Chrome Thunder, LLC to publish my pictures, comments and experiences on its website. Chrome Thunder will not publish my identity on their website without my permission. Chrome Thunder will not share or sell any of my information with others outside of their network vendor and supplier partners. I have carefully read these terms and conditions and this waiver agreement and I will abide by everything as stated herein or elsewhere published by Chrome Thunder, LLC.

Chrome Thunder, LLC assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Baggage insurance is recommended.

Signed this __ day of ______________, 2015.

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