This Might Just Be Your Dream Job

Caution: These employment positions may entail long hours, exceptional scenery, thrilling adventure, uncommon luxuries, and the opportunity to work directly with people of high standing. Qualified candidates will demonstrate a commitment to delivering superlative levels of customer service. Furthermore, due to the limited tours we offer, the ideal match has the flexibility of schedule to journey with Chrome Thunder up to six times per riding season (May through October). Professional demeanor, cultural refinement, and customer relations skills are prerequisite to qualify. Professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers/professors, seasonal resort workers, retired and semi-retired folks, and others find our work highly rewarding for its intrinsic value alone. Where else can you get paid to ride the most beautiful lands in the American West, frequent the finest luxury resorts and spas, be tasked with entertaining quality guests, and generally have the time of your life? Yes, it’s work, but it can be pleasurable work for the energetic, socially-oriented, and service-driven professional.

  • Rider Host Job Description: Our rider host must be highly experienced with large touring Harley Davidson motorcycles and physically able to lift up to 50 pounds. They must be able to ride for many hours per day consecutively. Rider Hosts work directly continuously with clients during and after tours to attend to any needs including their lodging, baggage handling, motorcycle cleaning/fueling/pre-ride prep, as well as their social/dining/entertainment well being. Entertaining our guests is an important part of this position.
  • Driver Host Job Description: Our driver host must be able to maneuver a large RV through narrow and winding routes. They must be able to drive and work long days. Their responsibilities include maintaining and stocking our food and beverage inventory as well as preparing and presenting snacks and beverages while en route. You are also expected to professionally and socially interact with our guests along with the Rider Hosts. Guest entertainment is an important part of this position.
  • Have you special skills or training that would be of value to our journey team, i.e. first aid, rider safety instructor, musical talents, culinary skills, mechanical certifications, history/geology expertise, etc. We value eclectic diversity and competence.
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    Any other documents, awards, recognitions, or references that you feel apply are always welcome.

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