Always an “A-Team” with Chrome Thunder Premium Guided Motorcycle Tours

Our primary mission is to deliver an unforgettable experience that happens to include motorcycles. We want you to enjoy a magnificent guided motorcycle tour through the spectacular American West and we want to make it all happen in the most convenient, comfortable, relaxing and luxurious conditions possible. Our business is creating Unforgettable Transcendent Experiences.

Every member of our staff is committed to providing an environment in which the tour takes on a life of its own as a sensual experience of scenery, adventure, pleasure and opulence. Ask and you shall receive. We are here for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Each Chrome Thunder staff member is fully vetted for your safety and security. Each person is dedicated to insuring your comfort, privacy and safety during and after your tour. Comfort is an ever elusive matter. However, we know that when we attend to your every need, provide the highest level of respect and courtesy, introduce you to the absolute finest properties available and surprise you with unexpected amenities, we’ll elevate your overall journey to an existential level you’ll forever remember.

Philip C. Majerus

Passion: Founder and President Philip C. Majerus is a successful entrepreneur who fused his love of riding and longtime appreciation of the American West with his business acumen to create Chrome Thunder. As the passionate visionary of the company, Phil’s high standards and expectations of excellence pervade every detail of the company’s operation. He has encountered the same inconveniences and misfortunes so many other motorcycle touring enthusiasts have found and was determined to bring his first-hand knowledge to bear. Consequently, he has designed the most exciting and exclusive luxury guided motorcycle tours in the U.S.A. for the true discriminating adventure-connoisseur. His goal is to fuse the majesty and mystery of the American West with the elegance of a concierge-level tour. His goal is a genuine VIP motorcycle touring experience.

Your Trail Boss

Your Trail Bosses are dedicated veteran riders and experienced providers of guided motorcycle tours. Because Chrome Thunder emphasizes a limited number of tours, our ride hosts are not jaded to the adventure and excitement of traveling the American West. They are thoroughly trained and tasked with delivering the highest quality experience with minimal inconvenience. True concierge service is an art which they practice on every Chrome Thunder luxury motorcycle tour.

There for You: Our Trail Bosses will safely and professionally lead you to the landscapes and luxuries of the American West. Their ultimate responsibility is to guarantee a rewarding and relaxing journey for you. The Trail Boss has authority to make route modifications to suit the group’s desires, plus the spending authority to make pleasure-enhancing decisions that will exceed your expectations.

Your Wrangler Rider

Service Extraordinaire : A unique addition to our motorcycle tour team is our Wrangler Rider. Wrangler Riders must meet the same experience and security qualifications as our Trail Bosses. Attending to your every need is their primary job and no need is too great. Our Wrangler Riders are available to hang back with guests traveling at differing paces. Not all riders move at the same tempo. Our Wrangler Rider system accommodates all riding styles on Chrome Thunder premium guided motorcycle tours.

Support Vehicle Driver

Hospitality Host: Our Support Vehicle Driver is responsible for your comfort. As hospitality host, the driver prepares beverages and snacks at our roadside rests and stocks the coolers with whatever your preferences may be. Just ask, and our driver will have it on board for you—along with your luggage, your gear. This staff member is key to our concierge-level service promise.

Ranch Office Staff

Available: Should you have any questions while our team is on journey, call the ranch office any time for a quick and courteous response. We prefer to base our customer interface on direct personal contact. Although we have a digital presence, we always prefer to work one-on-one with our guests for their personal satisfaction as well as for security. We are not inclined to conduct financial transactions over the Internet. We have the best staff a company could ask for.