Chrome Thunder Luxury Guided Motorcycle Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for being accepted as a rider?

Although Chrome Thunder premium motorcycle tours provide unparalleled comfort and convenience with frequent rest stops, the American West is vast and expansive. As a result, travel distances and times can be challenging. In addition, weather conditions can change rapidly and unexpectedly, which can require us to re-route our journey or ride through unfavorable conditions.

Rider requirements include:

  • A stated willingness to ride under the above conditions.
  • Be at least 25 years of age to lease a motorcycle.
  • Experience riding a large touring motorcycle. (Chrome Thunder supplies brand new Harley-Davidson Touring® and Softail®motorcycles.)
  • Stated riding experience over the past two years.
  • Stated riding experience over the past two years.
  • A valid and legally recognized motorcycle operators issued by a state or national motorist licensing authority.
  • An absence of physical limitations that would limit your ability to fully participate in our motorcycle tours.
What riding skills are required to participate in a Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?

Competence is paramount, but expertise is not a requisite.

  • Novices, with proven training and practice, are always welcome.
  • Stated experience operating large touring motorcycles. (Chrome Thunder supplies brand new Harley-Davidson Touring® and Softail®motorcycles.)
  • Ability and willingness to ride for sustained periods of time.
  • Stated experience riding in unfavorable conditions such as high winds and rain. Weather in the American West can range from chilly mornings to hot, dry afternoons. Rain in the western states of the U.S.A. is somewhat infrequent, but not out of the question. Be mentally and physically prepared to deal with varying conditions.
  • A wonderful aspect of the weather patterns of the American West is that it’s not uncommon to encounter a single-cloud squall where we find ourselves riding for 10 to 20 minutes of rain before breaking out into beautiful sunshine and maybe a rainbow. It is exciting, refreshing and inspiring.
  • Our routes can be challenging but are easily negotiable for riders of all abilities.
  • Throughout our journeys, we encourage open sharing of pointers and pitfalls of our riding techniques.
  • We are always learning and perfecting our skills, and will work with you for the same.
  • No pressure—you’re riding with peers. We’re not judgmental.
  • We discourage competitive riding. It’s all about the journey.
May I organize my own group of riders for a Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?
  • Please do. Bring one and all for this trip of a lifetime.
  • Riding two-up with a spouse or companion can make for a special shared experience.
  • All of our rider guests are provided private rooms. Riders with spouses and companions will share a room.
  • This is not necessarily a Wild Hogs adventure. There is something for everybody.
  • Men and women alike revel in the landscapes and the luxuries our premium guided motorcycle tours.
What kind of motorcycle licensing is required?
  • A valid, legally recognized motorcycle operator’s license issued by a state or national motorist licensing authority is required to lease a motorcycle.
  • If you ride your own bike, you do so at your own risk.
What kind of motorcycle insurance is required?
  • Vehicle liability and damage insurance is included with your leased Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • You will be responsible for any deductible or non-insurable risks and/or damages.
  • Should you have a policy that covers all collision and liability risks of a leased motorcycle in the states we visit, we’ll consider substituting.
May I ride double with another person?
  • Yes, of course. We encourage riders to bring spouses or companions to share in the luxury, romance and elegance of the five-star properties we visit.
  • You ride with the companion, we’ll haul the luggage.
  • There’s nothing better than a hug from your honey when riding a magnificent route.
  • What could be better than sharing this experience with a companion?
Is any training provided before the motorcycle tour?
  • We provide no formal or organized training. Through our application process, we try to qualify only competent, capable riders.
  • Chrome Thunder will discuss the routes and anticipated riding conditions each day before departure.
  • Throughout our guided motorcycle tours, we encourage open sharing of pointers and pitfalls of our riding techniques.
  • We are always learning and perfecting our skills. We will all grow and improve together.
  • No pressure—you’re riding with peers. We’re not judgmental.
  • We allow sporty riding, but discourage competitive riding.
  • It’s all about the journey.
What safety precautions are taken during a Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?
  • We provide late model, dealer-certified, inspected Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
  • Our tour support vehicle will have limited emergency gear and provisions.
  • Every tour has a first-aid-trained ride host.
  • We will not require you to ride an unsafe vehicle under any circumstances.
  • Our Trail Boss and Wrangler Rider guides will use standard motorcycle hand signals to warn of road variables, game sightings and safety warnings.
  • See more detail in the Safety section in FAQs.
What meals and lodging are included in the price of my Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?
  • A complimentary dinner reception at the arrival hotel will provide an opportunity to meet your fellow riders, share riding interests and concerns, familiarize all with hand/safety signals, and generally prepare for the journey of a lifetime.
  • We will provide breakfast each morning and use that time to brief our guests on the day’s ride.
  • In order to provide you the opportunity to get to know your peers one-on-one and to satisfy your varying dining preferences, lunches and dinners are mostly on your own—a designed opportunity to break away if you wish and to explore the offerings available.
  • Our Chrome Thunder team is instructed to treat you as truly valued guests and will show our appreciation randomly throughout the tour.
  • Our Five-Star Cowboy Camp offered in some of the tours is all-inclusive.
  • A complimentary dinner reception is included at the departure hotel. This will be a chance to share our experiences, close out any outstanding business, exchange contact information and share in some surprises that the Chrome Thunder team will have for you.
How many riders are in each group on Chrome Thunder motorcycle tours?
  • Eight riders, plus guests, is our maximum motorcycle tour group.
  • With each journey we’ll provide at least a Trail Boss to lead and an RV support vehicle for your comfort, convenience, luggage, gear and supplies.
  • For groups of five or fewer riders, we’ll provide one host rider and a support vehicle.
  • For groups of six or more riders, we’ll provide a Wrangler Rider to accompany strays and keep the group organized.
  • This arrangement allows us to break into smaller groups when appropriate to accommodate varying interests and riding styles.
How and when do I pay for my Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?
  • Because of the long-range commitments necessary to secure our exclusive and in-demand properties, we require a 50% down payment at approval of your application.
  • The balance of the tour cost is payable 90 days prior to departure.
How is inclement weather handled during the tour?
  • Weather is unpredictable and uncontrollable in the American West. Whenever possible, we will re-route portions, or temporarily pause our journey to avoid inclement weather. There may be times when it is impossible to halt the trip and we may have to ride through unfavorable weather to reach our destination and maintain our schedule. We encourage you to be prepared, as most experienced riders are, for changing weather conditions. See our recommendations of riding gear and supplies in this FAQs section.
How many days do Chrome Thunder motorcycle tours take?
  • Days of travel for years of memories. Each journey typically begins on weekends and can run from seven to eleven days. Please see our tour descriptions for details.
  • All our motorcycle tours include a two day lay-over at a luxury location. Relax, get a spa treatment, explore, raft, fish, ride and most importantly enjoy paradise.
How is transportation to and from the cities of origin and termination handled?
  • When you’ve confirmed your travel itinerary, we’ll work directly with you to arrange your transportation to and from airports and the motorcycle leasing agency. Leave the details to us. You are our guests.
May I bring my own motorcycle?
  • Motorcycle models and conditions vary widely. We prefer you ride our certified and inspected Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Furthermore, a breakdown of an uncommon or modified motorcycle in these remote environs can cause extensive and unwanted delays for yourself and others.
  • In order to provide you the experience you deserve, we will on a case-by-case basis consider allowing you to ride your own bike. However, be prepared to speak to its age, condition, durability and suitability for the demands we’ll place on it.
Will I be able to use my cellphone and/or computer on the way?
  • A Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour is about escaping your day-to-day world and experiencing the journey of a lifetime. We strongly encourage you to get lost in the experience and leave your digital tether behind.
  • Many of the remote regions of the American West we explore have limited to non-existent coverage. Most hotels will have Internet service, but they may or may not have cellphone coverage. This coverage varies with location and service provider.
  • Our advice is: Don’t make communications commitments you may not be able to keep. Your world will still be there upon your return.
How should I pack and prepare for a Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?
  • We provide a support vehicle to carry your luggage. Due to space limitations, however, we must limit you to one carry-on bag and one full-sized bag.
  • If your trip originates and terminates in the same city, we can make arrangements to store additional baggage at the host hotel until your return.
  • For a detailed list of specific articles and supplies, see our recommendations of riding gear and supplies in this FAQs section.
  • Be sure see to see our Safety section on helmets and gear in FAQs.
What clothes should I bring on a Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?

Your primary activity is riding. As an experienced rider, only you know best what you’re comfortable wearing. Plan on fairly long and, occasionally, very long days in the saddle. Comfort is paramount.

  • Some of our guests prefer full leathers while others prefer leather jackets or vests and jeans. Be sure your pants are comfortable in the saddle.
  • Wear what you’re comfortable riding in, but be prepared to dress in layers.
  • Layers for cool mornings could be long-sleeve t-shirts, fleece vest, hooded sweatshirts and a windproof and/or waterproof jacket.
  • Bandannas and/or baklavas for the face can provide protection from the cold, the rain and the sun.
  • Same with gloves, either layered or separates for cool to hot weather.
  • Sturdy boots or shoes with heavy lugged soles are ideal, especially when on gravel pull-offs or for some parking lots.
  • Hats can be useful, whether a thin stocking cap for cold morning rides or a ball cap for hot afternoon breaks.
  • Our beautiful American West days can range from chilly mornings to scorching afternoons. Layers make comfort adjustments much easier.
  • Although the resorts we stay at are exclusive, this is the West; therefore, casual attire is accepted. Typically you’ll be fine with a collared shirt at even the most exclusive properties. Casual slacks are optional.
  • Light- and medium-weight long sleeved shirts are essential for cold layering and sun protection.
  • A comfortable shoe or sandal could bring welcome relief for the feet and for rafting or fishing.
  • Rain gear, of course. Be sure to include waterproof over-gloves or spare dry gloves for those rare wet rides. Our western rains, although uncommon, are quite cool.
  • Bring a swimming suit. There’s nothing like a hot tub or spa treatment after a day in paradise.

Be sure see to see our Safety section on helmets and gear in FAQs.

What supplies should I bring on a Chrome Thunder motorcycle tour?

We ride the American West. It’s dry here. Bring the following:

    • Sunscreen
    • Body/facial lotion/moisturizers
    • Eye lubricant
    • Hair conditioner if you prefer a specific brand
    • Lip protection with sunscreen
    • Extra sunglasses
    • Insect repellent
      • We have very few bugs but occasionally encounter insect hatches.
    • Sting medication if you have allergic reactions
      • You never know when a bee or biting insect will fly up your sleeve or into your collar while riding.
    • Bring prescription medications to last the entire journey.
    • Bring a swim suit and wet shoes or sandals for the spas, hot tubs, swimming and water sports.

Given the length of our journeys, a travel-size product is sufficient. We will within reason have many of these supplies on our support vehicle. However, if you prefer specific brands we recommend you bring your own.

Be sure see to see our Safety section on helmets and gear in FAQs.

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