On Every Chrome Thunder Motorcycle Tour—Safety Is Comfort and Comfort Is Safety.

Safety is essential to your comfort and enjoyment. Because our motorcycle tours are designed for riders of all ability levels, we promise you’ll never be asked to ride an unsafe motorcycle under any circumstances. Should we encounter unavoidable weather, we may have to cowboy-up and bust-through as conditions permit. Know, however, that we’ll always exercise the highest level of rider safety. Safety is paramount.

Although our tours follow the most scenic, varied and winding roads in the American West, you’ll be under the controlled pace and watchful eye of your host rider guide. Ride at your ability level. You’re riding with like-minded peers. Our VIP guests don’t ride to impress others. We want you to have an existential, spiritual journey, not a grueling athletic competition. It’s all about the journey.

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Clothing and Gear
Helmets: Although helmet laws vary from state to state, we strongly encourage you to bring your helmet or have one fitted at no charge when you pick up your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Be advised that California and Nevada strictly enforce their helmet regulations. Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming do not require helmets for riders over 18 years of age.
Jackets: We suggest you wear light-weight but protective upper body apparel. A sturdy jacket or vest is smart and stylish. Leather or heavy denim clothing works well. Warmth is accomplished through layering.
Pants: See Jackets. Chaps are at your option.
Gloves: We recommend an assortment of gloves. Bring windproof, waterproof, warm and ventilated gloves. Riding conditions vary daily and sometimes hourly.
Raingear The American West is generally dry and sunny, but rain is always a possibility. Don’t let the weather ruin your enjoyment.
Layers: Light layers are optimal. Layer your clothing for wicking, warmth, wind and sun. It’s easy to add or remove a layer as conditions change. A hooded sweatshirt is a great multi-use garment.
Boots: Heavy lugged boots work best on all surfaces and provide superior protection. Pack comfortable shoes for after hours. Your feet will thank you. Wet slippers or sandals are handy for fishing and rafting and casual wear.
Hats: The sun in the West is bright and intense. You will want to protect your noggin. A do-rag, ball cap, hiking hat, bush hat, pith helmet, cowboy hat all work. It’s your preference. A light stocking cap can be a blessing on cool mornings.
Eye Protection: Motorcyclist eye protection is mandatory. Clear lenses are required after dark. Bring spares.
Motorcycle Tour Safety

We ride smarter on Chrome Thunder guided motorcycle tours.

Buddy Riders: We ask our riders to pair up into buddy teams for safety and coordination. Each team receives a detailed map in the unlikely event they become separated from the group.

Ride Pace: Our Trail Boss and Wrangler Rider system for all groups of five or more guests enables us to provide lead and trail hosts for a full posse group ride or to break into two smaller rogue groups that can ride at their preferred pace. Those who choose to sport about may do so with enthusiasm, while those who may want to relax and take it all in at a slower pace are free to break away. Your comfort and enjoyment set the tempo.

Staff Training
First Aid: Every tour has a first-aid-trained host with appropriate supplies. Although we spare no effort to assure the safest ride, even insect bites and wind/sun burns can require attention. Be advised that our emphasis on proper behavior and safe group riding practices during the motorcycle tour will reduce the risk of anything more than burns and bites.


Ride Signals: Our Trail Bosses and Wrangler Riders will alert guest riders to safety conditions when needed with hand signals. Each group is briefed on signals we use at the beginning of each journey. Signals are refreshed with riders as needed.

Team Riding: Group riding is a team effort. We buddy ride for safety and, as a team, each rider is strongly encouraged to pass safety and conditions signals back through the posse on each alert.

Support Vehicle

Safety Vehicle: Although we hope that our support vehicle is used exclusively as a roadside rider comfort station, we prepare for the unexpected. In the event of a need for first-aid attention, we have appropriate supplies on-board at all times. This emergency transport is on hand for more urgent needs when necessary. Our support vehicle can also double as a shelter from the elements. When called for, it can also be a invaluable option if a guest should become unexpectedly ill and unable to ride. It’s an important facility when the need presents itself.  Safety and comfort in your time of need elevates your experience.