Luxury Motorcycle Touring — The VIP Difference

As the only true VIP motorcycle touring operator in the U.S.A., Chrome Thunder guarantees an extraordinary experience, unrivaled in professionalism and supreme client care. In addition to the sheer joy of your ride, the luxury accommodations and amenities we offer are designed to delight and rejuvenate your innermost senses. You’ll dine in the finest restaurants. You’ll rest in the most luxurious resorts available—premium, in-demand properties that sell out months in advance.

We offer no less than the best.

We bring you privileged access to, and insider knowledge of, the most sought after and desirable amenities in the American West. You’ll also appreciate the concierge-level service we provide before, during and after your motorcycle tour. You are our VIP and our most valued customer and you’ll be treated appropriately. We leave no detail to chance when it comes to looking after your every need, leaving you free to cut loose and enjoy your ride without a care in the world. Our attention to detail allows you to channel your inner James Dean … live.

VIP Differences

Concierge Service

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your pleasure and enjoyment think of us as your personal concierge with a charge card. From airport limousine service to handling luggage, simplifying check-in, and making dinner and activity reservations, we’ll do anything within our power to see that your journey is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. This is your time to relax and partake in the experience of a lifetime. We’ll make it seamless and easy.

Legendary Motorcycles

Harley Davidson: We place you on a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle that has been inspected and serviced and is in top condition. You will, of course, be required to sign documents at check-out, but we process all we can before your arrival.

RYOB (Ride your own bike): Although we do furnish new Harley Davidson motorcycles on our tours, we won’t get between you and your favorite two-wheeled friend. Key issues to consider are: The age and condition of your bike, whether it’s suited to long motorcycle tours, how it will handle hot desert conditions, whether it will perform at altitude, and if there are services available in the event of a breakdown in the remote wilds.

Daily Preparation: Each morning you’ll find a freshly cleaned, fueled and inspected bike. Chrome Thunder provides all fuel, oil and maintenance for the entire tour. You just saddle up and ride.

Personalized Touring

The Joy of Riding: Our trained and experienced hosts take pride in making sure our rider-guests enjoy the ultimate motorcycle touring experience regardless of ability level. We’ll show you the way, but your smiles will be our true guide.

For All Abilities: Although our motorcycle tours following the most scenic, varied and winding roads in the American West, you’ll be under the controlled pace and watchful eyes of both your ride hosts, a Trail Boss and a Wrangler Rider. We won’t push you beyond your ability level. You’re riding with like-minded peers, VIP guests who don’t ride to impress. We want you to have an existential, spiritual journey, not a grueling athletic competition. It’s all about the journey.

We Try Harder at Chrome Thunder. First, we ask our riders to pair up each day into buddy teams for safety and coordination. Each team gets a detailed map in the unlikely event they become separated. Second, our Trail Boss and Wrangler system for all groups of five or more guests enables us to provide lead and lag hosts for a full posse group ride, or we can break into two smaller rogue groups that can ride at their preferred pace. This system allows those that choose to sport about to do so with enthusiasm, while those that may want to relax and take it all in are free to break away. Your comfort and enjoyment will set the tempo.

Rolling Rest Area: Our concierge services are designed to maximize pleasure and minimize inconvenience on our motorcycle tours. To properly meet your expectations, we provide a large RV courtesy vehicle to carry your luggage and excess gear. This service also enables us to provide a rolling snack bar with hot and cold beverages and tasty treats when we arrive at spectacular overlooks to rest and relax. We also have full restroom facilities on board for your convenience. Some of us old guys are regular customers there. Nothing beats a hot coffee and a warm pastry while viewing endless landscapes.

Luxurious Lodging

Exclusivity: Most of our host properties are so exclusive that planning months, and even years in advance is necessary. At every destination, we offer premium accommodations. Most are the best in the state, several are ranked the best in the U.S.A., and a few the best in the world.

Upgrades: You stay at the finest luxury properties and we also secure upgraded rooms for their spectacular views. Would you have it any other way? You’ll fondly remember these hidden gems: Luxury resorts, exclusive ranches, elegant spas and magical boutique bungalow properties.

Fine Dining

Arrival and Departure Events: Your arrival and departure nights include a complimentary dinner. The reception dinner is an opportunity to meet your rider peers, preview the motorcycle tour ahead, and discuss safety, group riding standards and road rules. The departure dinner gives us a chance to properly thank you, close out business, exchange contact information and finish with something special.

Breakfasts: Chrome Thunder provides all breakfasts—most on-site, some off-site. At breakfast we discuss the day’s journey, address rider concerns and organize for a timely and pleasant departure.

Lunches and Dinners: Lunches and dinners are generally on your own. This allows for various cravings and is a chance to spend time with buddies and peers on a more personal level. You will most certainly make lasting friends.

Guest Appreciation: Although we would prefer to make this an all-inclusive tour, we find the one-on-one moments are equally important to your enjoyment. With that said, our ride hosts are instructed to treat you as our VIP guests and you know how customer relations work when the check arrives. Get to know your ride host.

Inclusive Ammenities
Loaded with Services and Adventures:  Depending on which motorcycle tour you choose, we provide many amenities and activities at no additional cost. Examples include:
All Lodging and Incidentals:
•     Porterage fees
•     Housekeeping Tips
•     Valet Parking
All Park Entrance Fees
All Fuel, Oil and Maintenance
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
Fishing & Rafting Excursions
A One-of-a-Kind Marksmanship Course
Horseback riding
Relaxing Spa Treatments
Hospitality Receptions

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