Comfort Is Critical on a Motorcycle Tour—and Comfort Includes Safety

Comfort and safety lead to enhanced enjoyment on any motorcycle tour. Chrome Thunder goes to great lengths to look after your comfort and conveniences on the road as well as at your destinations. Experience has taught us to anticipate your every need. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not at your best.

We carry all necessary first-aid supplies on our motorcycle tours. We also have an inventory of safety gear, clothing and ride comfort essentials in the event you find a need. There’s nothing better than a cool morning ride through the mountains—when you’re properly dressed. How about a blazing run through the desert? Did you remember your sunscreen? We did. Did you remember that extra pair of gloves? We’re here to support and serve your every need. With no distractions, you’ll experience the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment on our premium motorcycle tours.

Tour Support Vehicle

Rolling Comfort Station: Our concierge services are designed to maximize pleasure and minimize inconvenience on all Chrome Thunder motorcycle tours. To properly meet your expectations, we provide a support vehicle to carry your luggage and excess gear. This service also enables us to provide a rolling snack bar with cold beverages and tasty treats at the many spectacular overlooks in the American West.

Rest Stops on the Ride

Our motorcycle tours are designed to delight your senses with remarkable vistas from spectacular roads. Each day’s travel is timed for ride intervals of 60 to 90 minutes. We want you to stay relaxed, nourished and hydrated at all times. Each interval will be an opportunity to stretch, take pictures, share your experiences and generally live in the moment. A rested rider is a safe rider.

All our tours include a two-day stop in a spectacular location to rest and relax. While there, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. Whether rafting, fishing, golfing or taking part in freestyle motorcycle explorations, you’ll have the freedom to do as you please. Recharge your soul.

Food and Beverages

On the vast open roads of the American West, conveniences can be many miles apart. For your pleasure, we provide refreshments and snacks at interval stops on the tour and whenever requested. We’ll have water, sodas, teas, and juices. We are not permitted to serve alcohol while traveling, but we’ll have top-shelf libations for post-ride gatherings.